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From the seed

Our mission is to obtain premium quality plants for future and increasingly effective orchards that will give fruit with the best organoleptic qualities and the longest postharvest life.


We have a wide range of varieties and species that you can discover through our website. Additionally, you can consult our calendar.




Flat Nectarine

Flat Peach






In order to offer a greater variety to our customers, at Frutaria Life we have different formats at our points of sale, thus ensuring greater adaptability to the needs of each buyer.

Bare Root

This format allows savings in transport space, as the plant is sold without substrate, without container and with exposed roots.
  • Plant of the year
  • Spring graft
  • June graft
  • Dormant bud


We also have different formats of container plants. Thanks to our wide variety, we can select those that best adapt to your needs.


We have a large number of installations throughout the Spanish territory, in order to offer our clients a high quality end product.


Type: Multi-tunnel greenhouse of galvanized steel with lateral ventilation

Greenhouse area: 10,000 m2

Number of plants. 400,000

Type of product: plants finished in pot

Open Air Nursery

Area: 25 hectares

Type of product: plants finished in bare root

Field of mother plants of rootstocks

Area: 1 hectare

Type of product: mother plants for rootstocks

Field of base plants of certified varieties

Area: 2 hectares

Type of product: base plants of varieties to obtain certified buds


Locations: Alfamén and Caspe

Total area: 150 m2

Functions: Propagation of cuttings, evaluation of varieties, rescue of embryos, analysis of Elisa Test.

Experimentation fields

Locations: Zaragoza, Huesca, Seville and Badajoz.

Total area: 12 hectares

Function: evaluation of varieties in different rootstocks


With the aim of offering all customers the best attention, at Frutaria Life a series of services are offered that ensure satisfaction throughout the Fruitarian entire process, from the purchase to their Fruitarian planting.

Delivery and Logistics

We ensure that our products reach their final destination in the best condition.

Technical advice and after-sales service

Through our assistance service, we will resolve any incident that may arise throughout the process

Visit our installations and access our training course

You can visit our installations and even attend the different training courses taught by different professionals of the sector

Different varieties and formats

We have a wide range of varieties and formats to satisfy your needs.


We work with the best breeders.

We have agreements with improvement programs throughout the world.