We have a large number of installations throughout the Spanish territory, in order to offer our clients a high quality end product.


Type: Multi-tunnel greenhouse of galvanized steel with lateral ventilation

Greenhouse area: 10,000 m2

Number of plants. 400,000

Type of product: plants finished in pot

Open Air Nursery

Area: 25 hectares

Type of product: plants finished in bare root

Field of mother plants of rootstocks

Area: 1 hectare

Type of product: mother plants for rootstocks

Field of base plants of certified varieties

Area: 2 hectares

Type of product: base plants of varieties to obtain certified buds


Locations: Alfamén and Caspe

Total area: 150 m2

Functions: Propagation of cuttings, evaluation of varieties, rescue of embryos, analysis of Elisa Test.

Experimentation fields​

Locations: Zaragoza, Huesca, Seville and Badajoz.

Total area: 12 hectares

Function: evaluation of varieties in different rootstocks