Flat Nectarine

It is a fruit that is easy to eat and with an exquisite taste, whose name makes reference to the nectar and to the sweetness of this variety. This flat nectarine of white flesh has a fine and bright skin that is an invitation to be eaten in bites without being peeled. The varieties selected have high production and have good post-harvest life.

What is ONDINE?

ONDINE is the ASF Edition brand of flat stone fruit (flat peach and flat nectarine).

The ONDINE flat nectarine varieties have a uniform, intense red colour, semi-sweet flavour, perfect pistilar closing and a smooth and thin skin and they received the 2021 FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR award and are recognized as innovative varieties.

ONDINE business model integrate the entire value chain, from the genetics to the end consumer.

Based on exclusive varieties and specific marketing, the farmers and selected warehouses carry out the collective aim of giving the best service to the supermarket chains.

ONDINE is the perfect healthy and gourmet snack, it fulfils the needs of the consumer and it is present on the shelves of a large number of supermarkets in Europe.