5 – 10 days before Romea

Variety with great agronomic and organoleptic qualities.

ATTENTION: “It must be taken into account that the fruits provided by any tree may vary depending on the practices that are developed in each exploitation. This may depend on the substrates, the weather and various aspects that influence the care of each plantation. In the cases that we work with young trees, the ripening date and characteristics of the fruit may fluctuate until its stabilization, at which time the variety can be appreciated at its best. When interventions are carried out in order to increase the vigor of the tree, it must be taken into account that the quality of the fruit and the productivity may be reduced “

  • Bearing: Semi-upright
  • Productivity:
  • Epoch: Mid-early
  • Flower type: Rosaceus
  • Floribundity: Good
  • Maturation: 28-29 week
  • Caliber: 75-80
  • Colour:
  • Taste:

Variety with very good storage.